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Literacy Progressions

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Alberta Education defines literacy as follows: Literacy involves acquiring and applying the understanding and skills necessary to decode, evaluate, and logically communicate ideas and build meaning, using oral, written, visual, and multimedia sources. Literacy is embedded in learning across all subject areas. It is foundational, allowing students to live, learn, and work as knowledgeable, active participants in a democratic society. The Literacy Progressions identify knowledge and behaviours that students may demonstrate by the end of each divisional age range.
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Division 2 (ages 9–11)
Students develop awareness of the literacy skills required to engage in tasks or to make decisions.
Rules of Language
Students use rules of language to acquire, construct, and communicate meaning.
Acquire Information
Students use efficient and effective strategies to acquire, evaluate, and ethically use information.
Construct Meaning
Students use efficient and effective strategies to construct meaning.
Communicate Meaning
Students communicate to convey concepts, ideas, and understandings.