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Competency Progressions

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Competencies are combinations of knowledge, skills, and characteristics that students develop and apply for successful learning, living, and working. They emphasize aspects of learning that apply within and across all subjects and enhance foundational literacy and numeracy. Competencies work together with learning outcomes to prepare Alberta students for successful and fulfilling lives and to make meaningful contributions to their communities and the world. The Competency Progressions identify behaviours that students may demonstrate by the end of the divisional age range.
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Division 1 (ages 6–8)
Division 2 (ages 9–11)
Critical Thinking involves reasoning logically to analyze and synthesize new knowledge with existing knowledge in a coherent way.
Problem Solving involves selecting strategies and resources to move from what is known to what is sought.
Research and Managing Information involves research skills as well as organizing and using information for specific purposes.
Creativity and Innovation involves generating and applying knowledge and skill to create something new of value.
Communication involves sharing ideas through oral, written, or non-verbal media.
Collaboration involves working with others to achieve worthy common goals.
Citizenship involves participating in the institutions of our society as educated citizens. Students share responsibilities and approach the world with empathy, intellectual curiosity, and humility.
Personal Growth and Well-being involves managing emotional, intellectual, physical, social, and spiritual aspects of living well. Students develop character and talent and apply the virtues of wisdom, courage, self-control, justice, charity, and hope.